Table Services

Table reservations are purposely limited inside nightclubs at-least access to the best table placement that is. LondonVIPs staff have worked in all of the the premier nightclub venues so our relationships and affiliations will grant you access to the best London Table Reservation and private VIP areas as they are requested in advance. London Table Servicean ideal way to enjoy an evening out with friends or a Stag Party as it provides you with private a seating area and quarters to mingle and enjoy nightclub vibe.

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table services

Bottle Service

Whenever looking to make Table reservations one must purchase the minimum number of bottles to be seated. London Table Reservations are ideally the same as making bottle service reservations. The Nightclubs in London will require parties to purchase a minimum number of bottles based upon the size of the group and the right ratio of women to men attending. Stag parties are urged to reserve bottle service at Nightclubs in London as showing up to the venue empty handed will also leave your wallet empty.

Should you be debating as to whether or not London Bottle Service is for you, stop! Enjoying a night out as a VIP can include a number of services with the most notable making a Table Reservation. Included with each Reservation you will receive VIP Entry, Seating and Private Area to enjoy your night. You do pay a premium but we offer discounted bottle service prices thereby making your night out affordable. For the Top London Nightclubs Table Reservations should be made days in advance of your arrival especially if a Celebrity or Star DJ is hosting the event.

table services

Deals and Discounts

Paying a premium for VIP Bottle service can cost some quid don’t outlay unnecessary funds without exhausting all avenues beforehand. We offer deals on London bottle service and discounted rates for selective parties and nightclubs depending on the day of the week and the promotion we are offering at the time. Check our events calendar for upcoming events and promotions happening at the best London Nightclubs. In the event we are hosting the promotion at a particular nightclub we may be able to pass on the savings to you!